You can easily create a customized plan in Canva! You can use your phone or your computer. There are so many templates and its super easy to use. Make sure to include 
-Block Schedule
-Cleaning Routine
-Kids Chores
-Kids Block Schedule
-Family goals
-Personal goals

One thing that helps me is not to overwhelm my action plan. Just keep it simple and very realistic. Have short term and long term plans. 

Everyone wants extra TIME! I totally get it, we all need time. What would you do if you had an extra 3 hours a day? 
Me time?
Family time?
Devo time?
Healthier meals? 
Side hustle? 
One of the best ways to find time is by learning what is taking away your time and create systems. Get a journey and write down what your day looks like and see what part of your household takes the most time of your day. 

Canva action plan


You've heard it over and over again and still most women do not focus on getting self care.

"Fill up your own cup so that you can overflow into the lives of others."

My biggest purpose in creating this new lifestyle is to fulfill my purpose as a mother and fully finding my purpose as me. Because of this, I need to think and take care of myself so don't be afraid or shy. Do it without guilt. You 100% deserve this time! 

Self Care

Are you like me? Do you want to have a strong relationship with your family, children and friends? It may come natural to you but for me, I need a plan. I need to be intentional about these relationships. So how can you be intentional? 

Maybe schedule time with your kids? 
Schedule calls with friends and family?

Be intentional about listening and being  present. That means you completely let go of the to do list and focus on building relationship.